Leo Wax Melts

  • Leo Wax Melts
  • Leo Wax Melts
  • Leo Wax Melts
  • Leo Wax Melts

Dominate your space in a soothing and sophiscated way like a Leo would

A sensual accord of cedar, jasmine and soft musk fortified with coconut rind, bergamot and berry.

Fragrance your home with the ease of wax bars, they are really satisfying to snap and give you control how strong you want to release the scent in your home.

How to use

Snap off 2 -3 sections of your wax bar, our recommendation if you want around 6 hours of fragrance and most tealights last 6 hours too.
Light the tea light and place into your oil burner or wax warmer. Please be careful not to burn your fingers.
Place the snapped sections of the wax bar on the top of your wax warmer or oil burner and enjoy all wonderful fragrance

Hand poured wax melts using a blend of paraffin, soya wax and vegetable wax.
Bars are 11cm long, 4cm wide and 1.5 cm deep with 5 snap able sections.

Safety Guide

Do not move your wax warmer or oil burner while in use. They get pretty toasty.
Use your wax warmer or oil burner where there are no obstacles that may knock over or fall onto your wax warmer or oil burner.
Please do not leave a lit wax warmer or oil burner unattended.
It may look fun to poke the melting wax on top, please don't and caution those around you to avoid doing this in case you burn yourself or knock over the wax warmer or oil burner.
Wait until the wax warmer or oil burner has cooled before attempting to remove wax instead. You can do this safely by gently by warming the wax on top with a hair dryer or similar until the wax becomes loose.
Finally store wax bars away from children and pets, we sometimes joke they look like forbidden chocolate bars. However, these products are not edible and must be stored safely and securely.

You got to the bottom? Well done for reading through the safety guide, now go enjoy your wax bars!